Shopping in Ventnor 

Shopping in Ventnor is an experience you shouldn’t miss – the little high street is lined with independent shops selling everything from the freshest sourdough bread to the latest designer roll top baths. You can also pick up some excellent fine wines and local ales (the perfect accompaniment to your picnic on the beach).

We’re also proud to have delis, a butcher, greengrocer, pharmacies, and the best bike shop on the Island. Plus you can buy stylish clothes and accessories for your and your home.

So come on over and see what we’ve got… you’ll love to shop in Ventnor.

Earl Mountbatten Hospice

Come to Ventnor to visit our small, but perfectly formed, store where you will find something you realised you could never live without. Come in  and have a look at some of the quirky donations that we sell

Honeybourne Jewellery

Sophie’s jewellery tells stories in metal: ‘The challenge of making 3 dimensional, wearable objects from metal fascinates me. My pieces tell stories, they translate my surroundings into miniature forms."

KU - Kimiko Ure

Welcome to my new Ventnor shop KU.
Here, I now have the space to surround my jewellery with stunning pieces of art, ceramics, and textiles in our light and spacious shop. 

Party Shop

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